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Aine Celtic Statue

Sale price$22

Aine Statue

Approx: 7'' high, 2.5'' wide at the base.

Made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals

Made in Canada.

Celtic goddess of love, light and fertility.

¨Oh great Goddess of love, breathe into me this noble feeling of which you have the secret. Allow me to see between the worlds, the greatness of true union. Make me your worthy representative on our mother earth and teach me how to emanate your light.¨

DESCRIPTION: Meticulously crafted, our Goddess of Love, Aine, is the Cetlic Goddess of the Sun, Wealth and Sovereignty. She is known to bring love and fertility. Each figure comes with an information card.

Figurine, Déité Celtique de l'Amour ; Aine - Boutique Equinoxe
Aine Celtic Statue Sale price$22