100% hand-knitted pure alpaca scarf, unisex

Color: Charbon Torsade

This Scarf is made with one of the silkiest, warmest and most luxurious fibers in the world: Alpaca. It is made in 100% pure Peruvian baby Alpaca, without any synthetic fibers. This pure style pays homage to its Peruvian artisans with its authentic composition and quality craftsmanship, while offering that modern style that we love to wear. The Peruvian alpaca is hypoallergenic and the Alpaca fiber production is one of the most sustainable fiber production processes. Alpaca is a natural fiber, it has a unique thermal and breathable quality that allows air circulation to prevent perspiration through hot weather, and in cold weather, contains heat to warm up. Highly recommended! 

Size: "10" "W x 60" "L

Hand wash in cold water and dry flat. Do not machine wash or dry

For more information on alpaca fibre, https://boutiqueequinoxe.com/blogs/news/les-merveilles-insoupconnees-de-la-fibre-d-alpaga

100% pure Peruvian Alpaga

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