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Alpaca Insoles

Sale price$32

Product size: can be cut to the desired size

Size M and L

Meduim goes up to men's size 9

Composition: 85 % Alpaca fibre, 10 % wool and 5 % hemp.

The natural characteristics of alpaca fibre allow the insoles to conserve the heat produced by your feet and prevent cold from entering your boots, eliminating condensation caused by the meeting of cold ground and the warmth of your feet. Your feet will stay dry

Since the alpaca insoles breathe, odours are reduced to a minimum. Guaranteed comfort! Two sizes are available. You can cut the insoles to the right size for your needs. The alpaca felt insoles will mould naturally to your shoe and your foot. It won't take too long until they will be completely adjusted to your feet.

Our alpaca felt insoles are produced in New Brunswick, Canada. We are extremely proud of their resistance. Super durable, they do not decompose since they have been reinforced with wool and hemp

Try them out to give a second youth to your luxurious boots that have lost their original comfort. You'll be surprised at the result! And at a lower cost too!

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Alpaca Insoles Sale price$32