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Spirit of the Plains, Greeting cards

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Spirit of the Plains
Greeting cards,
Indigenous Art Cards

Biography of the artist:

Maxine Noel

Cultural Origin: Santee Oglala Sioux, Manitoba

Born in Manitoba to Santee Oglala Sioux parents, Maxine Noel spent the first few years of her life on her mother's reserve, which she left at the age of six to attend an Indian residential school. She started out as a legal secretary, but her career soon took a back seat to painting and drawing. It was during a graduate course in design that one of her teachers noticed her penchant for linear expression and encouraged her to render movement through shapes and lines. She learned this lesson very well, judging by most of her work. Maxine has since gone on to become a master not only in the art of painting and drawing, but also in the practice of silkscreen printing, etching and stone lithography. Recently she has turned her attention to the reproduction of works in moulded paper and cast bronze.

Her work is of great interest, allowing her to devote herself entirely to artistic creation.

Maxine Noel signs her works with her Sioux name IOYAN MANI, "She who goes further".


AUTHENTICALLY Native. Images vary in size up to 5" x 7". The art cards have the artist's biography printed on the back of the card. The artist or copyright holder has been paid a royalty for the sale of this product

Printed and made in Canada.

Esprit des Plaines, Cartes de souhaits - Boutique Equinoxe
Spirit of the Plains, Greeting cards Sale price$7