A seamstress at heart, Maria Elena, owner of Boutique Equinoxe in Val-David, discovered a penchant for sewing at the age of 4. At the time, making a few dresses for her dolls, this enthusiast made her interest a way of life that she embraces every day. One day, traveler, and another, fashion designer, Maria Elena knew how to marry these two loves to give life to Boutique Équinoxe in July 2008: a colorful universe where several exclusive collections are all the rage.

At the Equinoxe Boutique, it is in an exotic setting, scented with incense, that Maria Elena welcomes you for a journey, out of the ordinary, in her vision of fashion. Containing a large majority of collections signed by Maria Elena, inspired by her many trips abroad, the Equinoxe Boutique offers you both beautiful ranges of clothing imported from Indonesia, especially from Bali, all dotted with decorative accessories and exceptional jewelry. Located at 2309 rue de l'Église in Val-David, this little shop has a family atmosphere, where a mother and her daughter take turns helping you make discoveries every time.

"I like to offer exclusive products, which is often why I create collections that are made in Indonesia, or elsewhere, and I import them here afterwards" explains Maria. "Affordable and high quality, there are great finds for everyone at Boutique Equinoxe" exclaims this enthusiast.

Proud of her work, which she has built her business down to the smallest detail, this owner says she is happy to offer organic fabrics and natural fibers to her customers, increasingly aware of the plight of our planet. Always on the lookout for new things, Maria Elena is now making way for various dance, yoga and meditation accessories and clothing. Like an Ali Baba's cave, the shop has become a Val-David treasure where you can relax and shop while surrounded in Beauty.

Carried away by the magic of her travels, Maria Elena is particularly fond of the batik process for her remarkable fabrics. This type of preparation, which requires a lot of time, consists of reproducing a pattern on a natural fabric, by dye baths, from lighter to darker tones. Melted wax is put on the areas that the designer wants to keep paler before soaking. Following a first drying, the operation is repeated with other colors, multiple times. This process allows Maria to obtain a design that combines tones, contrasts and colors, for a result specific to each fabric and its collections.