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The Sacred Fire, Greeting Card

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The Sacred Fire

By Maude Cliche-Ricard

Blank card

5 x 7 with envelope

  • I am a traveller in the soul, a creator since I was very young, art and nature have always done me a lot of good. As a teenager I discovered the joys of painting and drawing, I finally continued my academic career towards the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in scenography where I studied for a year to finally give up everything and go on a trip to Peru. I finally lived 5 years in the Peruvian jungle where I got married and became the mother of a beautiful little boy. The jungle is full of beauty and inspiration, the indigenous peoples with whom I lived with my initiates in visionary art, I was able to perfect myself by learning to put consciousness and intention in what I create. It was they who gave me the name NetenKena, which means "the woman who comes from the rising sun" in their language. It is also there that I was introduced to the technique of macramé and learned the beauty and benefits of semi-precious stones.

    When my son was 9 months old, he became ill and I had to return to Quebec. This allowed me to reconnect with my roots and take stock of all the experiences I had in the jungle. That's how the idea of opening my online store to share my creations and my art with the rest of the world came to me.

    I am therefore inspired by the people of the earth and my life in the jungle to create macramé jewellery with Brazilian wire and semi-precious stones (no glue, no metal, only knots). The stones have their soul, working them with benevolence is for me a way to give them thanks and allow people to wear them beautifully and originally while enjoying their therapeutic benefits. Each piece of jewellery is made with a particular intention to honour the stone, with love, creativity and passion. Each of the stones brought back from my travels in South America or from my nature walks are meticulously chosen for their beauty and vibration.

    My visionary art is also made with a lot of love in order to propose an exploration of inner worlds, the discovery of a sacred sense of life and the blossoming of our being. We describe visionary art as "an essentially pictorial art that claims to transcend the physical world and to describe an expanded vision of consciousness including spiritual, mystical themes or based on such experiences". I do outdoor murals as well as paintings on canvas, my favorite medium is acrylic but I also sometimes use watercolor. For me art is a way to materialize my dreams, aspirations and vision of life. To be able to share it with you in an affordable way through prints on cardboard or canvas is a great joy for me

    I'm passionate about arts and crafts, passionate about travel and discovery.

Le feu Sacré, Carte de souhait - Boutique Equinoxe
The Sacred Fire, Greeting Card Sale price$6