Alpaca short socks


Comfort: alpaca wool.

  • Composition: 36% alpaga, 23% wool, 40% polyamide, 1% elastane.

    The stockings are ideal for everyday use. , Either at the office or for more formal outings.

    The natural properties of the alpaca fibres will keep your feet dry and warm. Care: wash in cold water and dry flat.

    They will not change shape thanks to the acrylic and elastane. The toes and heels have been reinforced for extra durability.

Women's size

:M = shoe 7 - 9.5

Alpaca fibre surpasses other fibres in the conservation of body heat. Even for thinner stockings, alpaca stockings retain heat thanks to its hollow fiber that retains air in the center and thus insulates the foot.

Alpaca fibre is water repellent and keeps your feet dry.

Synthetic fibers, such as acrylic micro fibers, also provide superior moisture transfer, a winning solution when combined with alpaca fiber. Alpaca socks with curls on the inside are thicker and warmer because their curls capture air, providing warmth and insulation against the cold. Socks made with a combination of these natural and synthetic fibers, as well as Terry construction, offer the best protection against the cold.

Made in France

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